Questions for Lessons
Elementary All Lessons Questions for all concepts
Elementary Authority Lesson 3 Q_HowSummerCameToBe.pdf
Elementary Authority Lesson 5 Q_HowEagleBecame.pdf
Elementary Authority Lesson 9 Q_TheBoyWhoSnaredTheSun.pdf
Elementary Authority Lesson 11 Q_TheForsakenBrother.pdf
Elementary Privacy Lesson 1
Elementary Privacy Lesson 3 Q_TheHoChunkMedicineSong.pdf
Elementary Privacy Lesson 5 Q_TheDanceOfTheDeer.pdf
Elementary Privacy Lesson 8 Q_TheLegendOfTheMosquito.pdf
Elementary Responsibility Lesson 1 Q_TheWaterStory.pdf
Elementary Responsibility Lesson 1 Q_HowDogsCameToHumans.pdf
Elementary Responsibility Lesson 3 Q_DeerhideRobeWoman.pdf
Elementary Responsibility Lesson 6 Q_LittleDeersResponsibility.pdf
Elementary Responsibility Lesson 9 Q_SitsOnFog.pdf
Elementary Justice Lesson 1
Elementary Justice Lesson 1
Elementary Justice Lesson 3 Q_LegendOfTheBirchTree.pdf
Elementary Justice Lesson 4 Q_TheBoysAndGirlsClub.pdf
Elementary Justice Lesson 6 Q_TheMagicPots.pdf
Elementary Justice Lesson 9 Q_TheStoryOfRedfeather.pdf
Stories and Legends
Elementary All Lessons Legends and stories for all concepts
Elementary Authority Lesson 3 HowSummerCameToBe.pdf
Elementary Authority Lesson 4 TheSpearfishingChallenge.pdf
Elementary Authority Lesson 5 HowEagleBecame.pdf
Elementary Authority Lesson 9 TheBoyWhoSnaredTheSun.pdf
Elementary Authority Lesson 11 TheForsakenBrother.pdf
Elementary Privacy Lesson 1 EagleBoy.pdf
Elementary Privacy Lesson 3 TheHoChunkMedicineSong.pdf
Elementary Privacy Lesson 5 TheDanceOfTheDeer.pdf
Elementary Privacy Lesson 8 TheLegendOfTheMosquito.pdf
Elementary Responsibility Lesson 1 TheWaterStory.pdf
Elementary Responsibility Lesson 1 HowDogsCameToHumans.pdf
Elementary Responsibility Lesson 3 DeerhideRobe Woman.pdf
Elementary Responsibility Lesson 6 LittleDeersResponsibility.pdf
Elementary Responsibility Lesson 9 SitsOnFog.pdf
Elementary Justice Lesson 1 FatherOfIndianCorn.pdf
Elementary Justice Lesson 1 WhyAnimalsAndMan.pdf
Elementary Justice Lesson 3 TheLegendOfTheBirchTree.pdf
Elementary Justice Lesson 4 TheBoysAndGirlsClub.pdf
Elementary Justice Lesson 6 TheMagicPots.pdf
Elementary Justice Lesson 9 TheStoryOfRedfeather.pdf
Charts and Diagrams
Elementary Authority Lesson 4 GroupActivity_BeforeTrial.pdf
Elementary Responsibility Lesson 2 CriticalThinking_OjibweClanSystemResp.pdf
Middle Authority Lesson 4 ITC_EvaluatingRulesAndLaws.pdf
Middle Privacy Lesson 1 CriticalThinking_ExaminingPrivacy.pdf
Middle Responsiblity Lesson 1 ITC_ResponsibilityStudyChart.pdf
Middle Responsiblity Lesson 2 CriticalThinking_PublicHearingAgenda.pdf
High School Authority Lesson 1 CriticalThinking_FlowChart.pdf
High School Authority Lesson 2 ITC_IdentifyingPositionsAuthority.pdf
High School Authority Lesson 2 CriticalThinking_IdentifyDutiesAndPowers.pdf
High School Authority Lesson 2 VennDiagram/USFederalGov.pdf
High School Responsibility Lesson 1 CriticalThinking_IdentifyDutiesAndPowers.pdf
High School Responsibility Lesson 1 ITC_IdentifyingDutiesAndPowers.pdf
High School Responsibility Lesson 2 ITC_EvaluatingCostsAndBenefits.pdf
High School Justice Lesson 1 CriticalThinking_TribalMembershipRolls.pdf
High School Justice Lesson 1 ITC_IssuesOfDistributiveJustice.pdf