Books — Student
*Denotes books with curriculum guides available
I Have Spoken
Virginia Irving Armstrong
The Swallow Press, Inc.
Quotations of Native American History

The Good Path
Thomas Peacock, Marlene Wisuri
Afton Historical Society Press
Ojibwe learning and activity book for kids

Extraordinary American Indians
Susan Avery, Linda Skinner
Children’s Press
Biographies of Famous Native Americans

Timelines of Native American History
Susan Hazen-Hammond
The Berkley Publishing Group
Resource Native American History

Night Flying Woman: An Ojibway Narrative*
Ignatia Broker, Steven Premo
Minnesota Historical Society
Fiction based on the White Earth Band of the Ojibwe

Treaty Rights
Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission
A guide to understanding treaty rights

Treaty with the Chippewa 1854*
Minnesota Public Schools Departments of Social Studies
and Equal Education: Student Achievement
Student Guide to understanding the Treaty of 1854

Four Hills of Life Ojibwe Wisdom*
Thomas Peacock and Marlene Wisuri
Afton Historical Press

Powwow: A Good Day to Dance
Jacqueline Dembar Greene
Franklin Watts
Follows the activities of a young boy as he
attends a powwow, describing the significance
of some of the events at the gathering