Lac Courte Oreilles Scholars and Elders Resource List
The following people were instrumental in aiding us with taping legends and
answering questions.

They may be available for consulting.

Delores Beaudin

Delores Beaudin is better known as Grandma Dee. Grandma Dee is a teacher’s aide in a kindergarten class at L.C.O. Grandma Dee also is a bus monitor. She is an L.C.O. elder with many ties to the community. She was taped reading The Story of Redfeather, Legend of the Birch Tree, The Magic Pots, and How Summer Came to Be. She may be reached during school hours at the L.C.O. Elementary School at 715-634-8924.

Mary Ellen Baker

Mary Ellen Baker is a traditional woman. She is an L.C.O. elder. She was very instrumental in bringing health care onto the L.C.O. Reservation. She has a background in A.D.O.A. using traditional methods. Mary Ellen Baker can be reached by contacting the Cultural Healing Center, near Hayward, Wisconsin.

Julie Martinson

Julie Martinson is the high school language specialist at L.C.O. She is an L.C.O. tribal member. She was assisted in reading legends by her youngest daughter. They read Legend of the Mosquito, Father of Indian Corn, and Sits on Fog and the Game Animals. She may be reached at the L.C.O. high school at 715-634-8924.

Maxine Mashek

Maxine Mashek is a Site Coordinator at L.C.O. and the lead teacher for this project through the congressionally granted School Violence Prevention Program administered by the Center of Civic Education located in Calabasas, California. (Their number is 818-591-9321). She has been a full-time classroom teacher at L.C.O. since 1996. She may be reached at the L.C.O. School at 715-634-8924.