How Can We Evaluate Positions of Authority?
Suggested Cultural Connections
Instead of “Goodnight Meagan,” Chapter Four, read “The Forsaken Brother” and answer the corresponding Take a Closer Look questions.

“The Forsaken Brother”
(summary) [ read full story] [ student handout ]
On their deathbed, two parents ask their older children to take care of their
younger brother. The older siblings promise to do so, then defy their parents’ authority and abandon their brother. The younger brother eventually turns to the wolves in the forest to survive.

Take a Closer Look – “The Forsaken Brother” [ student handout ]
1.  What are the positions of authority described in the story?
2.  What are the weaknesses of the people who were given authority?
3.  What changes would you suggest to improve their positions of authority?
4.  Why do you think it is important to take on the responsibilities of a position of