What Are Some Consequences of Exercising Authority?
Suggested Cultural Connections
Instead of “Goodnight Meagan,” Chapter Three, read “The Boy Who Snared the Sun” and answer the Take a Closer Look questions.

“The Boy Who Snared the Sun” (summary) [ read full story ]   [ student handout ]

In this legend, a young boy named Eagle Feather takes revenge on the sun by
snaring it with a giant rope. The animals do not like the sun being gone from
the sky, so they meet and ask Dormouse to solve their problem. There are
consequences to Dormouse’s actions.

Take a Closer Look – “The Boy Who Snared the Sun” [ student handout ]
1.  What are some of the consequences in the legend
of having rules and people in positions of authority?
2.  Which of these things are beneficial?
3.  Which of these things are costs?
4.  Can you identify some consequences of rules in your community?
5.  Which of those consequences are benefits?
6.  Which are costs?
7.  Why do you think it is important to know the consequences
of exercising authority?