How Should We Choose People for Positions of Authority?
Wisconsin Model Academic Standards for Social Studies
E.4.6 Gives examples of group and institutional influences such as laws, rules, and peer pressure on people, events, and culture

Wisconsin Model Academic Standards for Language Arts
C.4.2 Listen to and comprehend oral communications

Words to Know
tribal chairman – Someone who is elected by Tribal Council to serve as the presiding officer of the council and its meetings

Suggested Cultural Connections

Instead of reading “Goodnight Megan,” Chapter Two, read “How Eagle Became Leader of All the Birds” and answer the corresponding Take a Closer Look questions.

“How Eagle Became the Leader of All the Birds”
(summary) [ read full story ] [ student handout ]
In this legend, a council meeting takes place to determine the best leader for the birds.
The story helps understand how to choose someone in authority.

Take a Closer Look – “How Eagle Became Leader of All the Birds”
[ student handout ]
1.  Who did the birds choose to lead their meeting? Why?
2.  Who decided how the King of Birds would be chosen?
3.  Who were the two candidates?
4.  What qualifications do you think a person should have to do a good job as a leader?
5.  What other kinds of birds might be good at the following:
•  enforcing rules and laws
•  handling conflict
•  deciding what to do with people who break laws
•  making new rules or laws when needed
6.  Which people in your community have these jobs?
7.  Which people in your country have these jobs?