Why Do We Need Authority?
Suggested Cultural Connections
Instead of reading “Goodnight Megan,” Chapter One, read “How Summer Came to Be”
and answer the corresponding Take a Closer Look questions.

Wisconsin Model Academic Standards for Social Studies
C.4.3 Explain how families, schools, and other groups develop, enforce, and change
rules of behavior, and explain how various behaviors promote or hinder

Wisconsin Model Academic Standards for Language Arts
A.4.2 Read, interpret, and critically analyze literature.

“How Summer Came to Be” (summary) [ read full story ] [ student handout ]

In this legend, O-jeeg (the fisher) leads a group of animals to find the crack
in the sky where summer lives. As a leader, he makes a plan and uses his authority to organize
the group. In the end, he sacrifices himself for the group and
becomes a constellation in the sky.

Take a Closer Look – “How Summer Came to Be” [ student handout ]
1.  Who in the legend exercised their authority to find the crack?
2.  Did anyone exercise power without authority?
3.  What was the rule that O-jeeg’s son was to obey about the birds and the feast?
4.  What were some of the good things that happened because of O-jeeg’s actions?
5.  What problems happened because of O-jeeg’s actions?