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The Native American Compendium is an outgrowth of the work performed at various Native American sites to make cultural connections between the curricula used in the School Violence Prevention Demonstration Program (SVPDP) and the customs, traditions, history, and realities of the native children involved in the

These cultural connections, in the form of lesson adaptations of existing curricula, were made by the teachers, tribal elders, and scholars at the sites. These adaptations include—but are not limited to—the addition of tribal legends, substitution of certain activities, enhancements to existing activities, and the addition of content specific to a native tribe or nation. The materials were rich and interesting, and needed to be formalized to share with teachers in the program and, eventually, with all teachers.

This website provides links to the major tribes and nations involved in the Native American Initiative and their contributions to this compendium. Because this is an evolving website, not every program site was ready to publish at the same time. Since Foundations of Democracy serves as the framework and heart of SVPDP, it is the curriculum presented first. These adaptations are made to lessons in which a natural fit occurred and therefore are not part of every lesson. Each of the lesson adaptations contains references to current state standards for the state in which the site is located. Links to Common Core Standards will be added at a later time.

The content is organized according to grade level, concept, and unit or lesson structure. Three academic levels of the Foundations of Democracy series are employed: elementary, middle school, and high school.

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